improve your hearing...improve your life! 


“Kathy is an amazing audiologist with a big caring heart! I've known her for many many years...she will treat you well and you will feel thankful you found her!”


“While I don't have constant ringing in my ears, it does flare up from time to time. Kathleen is not only an expert with this ailment, her compassion and comforting personality just shines. This is my first hand experience when I seek her out with issues with my ears.”


“I have been hard of hearing for years. Kathy Haasch has helped me through the process of getting hearing aids.she has been very caring and professional. I would recommend Kathy and Medical Hearing to anyone who needs help hearing.”


“Very professional, knowledgeable and have state of the art equipment for evaluation and proper selection of hearing aids with time to get necessary adjustment sound/fit. Friendly support staff with great help.”


“I would like to commend the Medical Hearing Associates for their professionals and kind service they have given me. Initially I needed one hearing aid and I was satisfied with the hearing ability restored to me. After a couple of years, I was in need of a second one and was amazed at the confidence it restored to me in the ease I had to hear conservations and TV clearly again. My gratitude goes not only to the professional help but also to the empathy and care they provided for an important aspect of life – being able to communicate with ease and now I am also able to help others see what they might be missing.”


“What else can I say but thanks, it was the most wonderful thing to hear my wife say “I love you” without yelling it or struggling to hear it. The best birthday present a middle age man could get!! Enough words cannot express my gratitude, thank you so much.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you again for all your knowledge, kindness and all your time!!”


“I just had to drop you a couple lines about the Unitron hearing aids. For starters they are just amazing. The speech enhancement is outstanding. I have to remind my wife not to talk so loud like before I had these aids. Hearing all the birds outside is very amazing to me. I enjoy the outdoors very much so hearing all the new sounds is just awesome. Also very minimal wind noise and being able to adjust this is great thanks to the remote. And when we go to the restaurant I can talk and understand my wife even with all the background noise.”


“Thank you for being so very special. You make me feel like family. Your caring ways, my concerns about the bill, insurance etc. you make me feel like I’m special. Thank you always for everything.”


“Thank you again for the excellent service. I’ve already referred your services to two friends and I truly hope they explore your expertise.”


“True professionals with expertise in the entire field of audiology. They are also keenly aware of the adverse effects of diminished hearing and discrimination problems on the designated patient, as well as those people usually involved with them. If desired, the audiologist offers hearing counseling to the patient and to their significant others.”


"I would like to express our appreciation for the professional manner in which you treated my mother in law during our recent visits to your office. She now enjoys her new hearing aids and has also expressed her pleasure in the assistance you provided to remedy her hearing loss. We thank you for your assistance to her and we will certainly recommend your services to others in need of your professional care.”


“You have gone the extra mile for me, as my father, said you would. I received the hearing aid batteries and enjoyed my grandson’s confirmation this past Saturday-I heard it all!! Again my friends and family thank you! Life is good….”


“Thank you for going Above and Beyond!!!”


“Kathy, I cannot find the right works to use to express our appreciation for your patience, knowledge and miracle that you have provided for my husband. His ability to hear again has touched all of us deeply. We all have a new life, leaving behind the loud TV, speaking loud enough, making him feel left out of conversation with others and many other things that he now is able to enjoy and participate in. We have a lot of up and down days in the past 2 ½ years. March 23rd was one of the biggest up days we have experienced in years. Thanks to you! We went outside for the first time in many hears and he was able to hear the geese honking, frogs croaking, an airplane flying by and many other things that are now making his life so much more enjoyable. Everything is working out very well. We can’t look back but we sure can look forward to many more enjoyable days ahead. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. You are a real dear. It is so hard to believe modern technology can change a life so much.”


“Thank you sooooo much for the compassion you showed my husband. You gave him hope when he didn’t think there was any. You cared and went out of your way to care for him. You were an answer to our prayers!”


"I’m glad you sent me a statement because it reminded me that I was going to send you a letter recommending your excellent services to everyone. I don’t think there is another hearing aid clinic in Sheboygan that can equal the expertise and kindness that I received from you. Thanks again for all of the help you gave me!”


“What a wonderful world that has opened up for me with my new hearing aids. I can enjoy television without missing out on pars of it as well as the sermon on Sundays, MY family is happy that I can hear what is being said.”


“I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the office visit I had today. It is very refreshing to have such excellent customer service these days. You took the time to listen to my concerns especially my finances and offered me some suggestions. And, you were able to see me right away when I called. Not many people understand the need to always have their aids working. I look forward to working with you!”